Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Isn't it amazing?

How much better you feel when you have a good workout? I have been MIA this week because work and some other stuff has left me feeling ZAPPED of ALL energy! Today when I got off work I came home, plopped myself on the couch and had every intention of vegging out all evening. BUT a little voice inside me was saying "you should go work out, you'll feel SO much better!" I tried to shut that voice off and push it far back into the recesses of my conscience, but then a stronger part of me said "GET OFF YOUR LAZY BEHIND AND GO EXERCISE!" So, I ran upstairs and put my workout clothes on, grabbed my iPod, and headed out the door before I could argue with myself anymore. And let me tell you, I'm SO glad I did! I had a wonderful workout and felt SO MUCH BETTER! For anyone whose never lived on a tropical island, let me tell you what it was like in the gym *whose A/C was not working?!?!* It has been RAINY and HUMID beyond belief this week, and in the high 80's, so I walk into the gym *again, NO A/C!* and the floors were actually sopping wet from the humidity in their! The mirrors on the walls were foggy and dripping with water, I was CURSING at that stronger part of my conscience that had actually talked me into going to the gym, but once I hopped on the bike, cranked the level up to 13 and got going, I was so much better:) There is nothing like a good sweat, kwim? I don't like to sweat when you're not SUPPOSED to and when you want your hair and makeup to look good, but when I'm working out, I love it! So long story short, that workout made all the stress of this week melt away and I feel 100% better and was actually really inspired to stamp *after I took a good shower, lol!*
I actually made this card a couple days ago, for the Monday Challenge Chicks challenge. It was to make a card in 10 minutes. Well, this card really did take me 10 minutes because I'd already had this idea and stamp set in mind!
I used a new *to me* stamp set, Echoes of Kindess by SU! I got the color combo from Dawn's "Raspberry Suite Color Combo #9" challenge! The colors were black, green, and vanilla so I used black Bitty Dots paper, Spring Moss and Vintage Cream cardstock, all by PTI. The ribbon is also PTI.

Here's another card I made with a new Level 3 hostess set by SU! called Kind and Caring Thoughts!
The colors I used are Pink Pirouette, Riding Hood Red (SU!) and White (PTI). I used the Curly Label punch (SU!) on the side, I love how it turned out!
Well, that's what I have to share today! I've got to get back to my book! I've been reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown! After I saw the movie ***SOOOOO EXCELLENT! Better than Da Vinci code!*** I really wanted to read the book and I'm LOVING it! Lots more detail than the movie, which is usually how it goes!
Have a great day friends, see ya tomorrow for HIP HOP!!!!!!


Amy Sheffer said...

Beautiful cards, Amber!

Michelle said...

This fat girl got enough of a workout reading about you working out in those icky conditions. You go, girl!

Christy Lynn said...

Sistah, I totally hear you about the gym's AC not working! Lee and I were there last night around 6:30 or so and DUDE was it unpleasant! I did feel better after the workout though. Super cute cards! I'm working on some swaps for the QC group that need to get sent out like yesterday...oy!

Sassy's Ramblin's said...

Gorgeous cards Amber! As for the workout...bless you! I workout at 5:30 AM. I am doing a boot camp at the gym this month...its tough, but when she makes us go outside and workout...OH MY GOSH, the humidity her in Texas has been horrible! You are a brave girl! But glad it made you feel better!

Judy Rozema said...

Amber, thank you for your "get off your butt" post -- as soon as I am done with the hop, I am going to hop to it!

Your cards are magnificent! I LOVE THEM!

Eva said...

Gorgeous in every way!

Unknown said...

Great Cards.

And yes, I love a good sweat. I think I actually survived my stressful 30's because of exercise. (I was an IRONMAN triathlete)

I still job and bike. And earlier this week I actually remember how destressed I felt after sweating so hard on my jog.

Home...No worries.

Have a good weekend.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...'re making me feel guilty for not (ever!) working out. I hope you feel even better LOL! Love your cards! My UPS tracking says that this set is out for delivery today, and I'm so inspired by seeing these beauties!

Angie Blom said...