Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project Life Wednesday

Hey there everybody! I'm back today, but not with a card...I'm here with my first few Project Life pages!!! That's right, finally getting back to my scrappin' roots! You may notice that my blog title is "The Stamping Scrapbooker", well whodathunk...she DOES scrap! LOL! 

I got my Project Life kit in from Amazon last week and started working on it the past few days.Since I just started in Feb, I'll have NO January pages. I just didn't take many pics last month, which is one of the reasons I'm DOING this I take pics! And get back to scrapping:)

I got the Turquoise kit before I ever even saw the Amber kit (shoulda got it just based on the name!) I really loved the graphic look of all the elements and the colors are some of my faves! Earth tones, Yeah BABY! I should admit that I felt a small pang of regret when I SAW the Amber Kit. It's all floral and bright and cheerful! I love it! That's okay though, I'm good with what I got:) 

Without further ado...

Cover Page...just like the sample in the PL kit. I liked the look of it and saw no need to come up with something of my own, lol!

An overview of the next few pages...

Tickets and Flyers...I put the flyers and tickets in a regular 8.5x11 page protector and then sewed it close to the flyers so it made a smaller pocket, I love this! One thing I'm loving about this album so far is all the different sized pages, it's so fun to flip through!

Shisa dogs layout...this isn't a part of the actual PL kit, but I'm throwing in alot of my own layouts in this album to document our last year in Okinawa. 

Okinawa Orchid Festival layout...while we were at Expo park this weekend, there was a huge Orchid festival going on. We had to pay to get in but all the beautiful flowers were WORTH it! The title on the title page isn't complete yet because our printer went out. I went and bought a new one (right away!) but it took Billy awhile to get it working, our PC started acting up, ARGH! I'll have the titles finished tomorrow. This one is simple going to be "Okinawa Orchid Festival". Original, eh?;)


The back side of the right page...more Orchid pics...

Flower sculptures layout...these ADORABLE flower sculptures are all throughout Expo Park. I took a picture of almost all of them, much to Billy's chagrin, lol! The back of this page isn't done yet, but it'll be a single page layout of the actual Churaumi Aquarium. Hoping to get that one done tomorrow!

My first official PL page! You'll notice the little calendar in the middle two pockets. Those cards are in the PL kit and my plan is to have that same layout on the first week of each month. I'm writing down big events/trips/tours on the calendar cards so I know what happened in one quick shot! Upper right corner is some paraphanalia from the Annual Awards dinner we went to on Saturday night. I didn't get any pics of Billy and I, totally forgot, doh! The other three pics are of us at the aquarium on Sunday.

Well that's all I've done so far! I actually worked on this almost all afternoon, it was bliss;) I do LOVE to scrap and am happy to be doing this project, it'll keep me scrapping!

So I mentioned our printer went out, OMG what a pain that thing is! Actually, TWO printers! I have a small cheapy one I bought for like 50 bucks for my scrapbook room, mostly to print digi paper and templates and such on cardstock. Well that one stopped working and would make me restart my computer EVERY time I wanted to print! Our main printer in the office jams all the time and wouldn't get ONE piece of paper through without jamming. So I almost pulled an "Office Space" on the printers, but went to the BX and bought a new one instead!
It's the Canon Pixma MX870! I absolutely LOVE this thing so far! I printed out a few pics for my PL layout for this week and it was FLAWLESS! The pics are professional quality, didn't need any drying time, and the colors are soooo brilliant! I love! I really haven't played with it much besides printing the couple pics, but the reviews on it look good and that's a relief cause I didn't shop around at all, lol! 

Thanks for stopping by today:) I'll be around tomorrow with a card!


Niki Estes said...

Amber, I love seeing your album! What a great way to document your last year in Japan. I am already behind on mine (as in I haven't started yet, but I have lots of plans). I've been so busy trying to get caught up on editing photos that it's taking up all my spare time. I'm finally working on January photos, though, so I should be good to start soon!

Becca said...

Who would ever have thought to.stitch the page protector to make pockets. Not me! Thanks for the great idea, you may have just saved me a mint! Now I need to go to Okinawa just for the flower sculptures. :)

Sharon said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Christy Lynn said...

Yay for scrappin'! I've been working on some of my Okinawa scrapbooks too since I didn't have Internet before today :) Love the orchid photos--I went to that festival twice and took literally HUNDREDS of flower pictures. In fact, I just worked on a couple of orchid layouts for my scrapbook. Hope you're enjoying your trip to the States, miss you like crazy!