Sunday, September 27, 2009

A failed attempt...

Well I was originally making today's card for today's Featured Stamper challenge on Splitcoast but in the end, it looks absolutely NOTHING like the original, lol! Do you ever do that? So in the spirit of the challenge, I'm not going to submit it as my card for the challenge. I will, however, show you which card it was that I was trying to CASE and to give credit where it's due, because it really did inspire my card!

This is the card I was going to CASE:
I love the three panels and the offset sentiment element, but my card just wasn't cooperating so I just let it take me away, lol!
Here's my card...
I made the background with Faux Ribbon and Background Basics: Retro! I saw Dawn McVey make a cool plaid pattern and tried to replicate it, I failed, lol! It's cool, I still like how mine turned out! I colored the flower and leaves from In Bloom with my Copics (and a little STICKLES, just 'cause, lol!) The sentiment is from the same set as well.

**So I just about had a heart attack. You know that feeling you get when your kids have been playing in the backyard and it's been super quiet for far too long and you suspect something is wrong? Well I don't know how that feels for human kids, but I just felt it with my furr-kids. AND we're doggy sitting for a friend. Well we peek outside and see our gate is open and NO DOGS!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOLLY. My heart went into my BRAIN! I almost started to cry because seriously, those dogs are my pride and joy! Plus, did I mention we were DOG SITTING? How awful would it be to tell him we lost his dog? Well, Billy proceeds to run through the neighborhood looking for them and I hop in my car (This all happened while typing the beginning of this post, lol!) Just as I'm backing up, I see Luke trotting up the street, with Jesse trailing right behind him. We found Cocoa (the dog we're sitting) outside our back gate just after we found out they were gone, and thank goodness because he doesn't know the neighborhood like mine do. He got out a couple days ago (snuck out the door behind me) and I had to chase him for 10 minutes before he stopped and I could haul his dumb A%& back home. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! The dogs are quite pooped and look pleased with their little taste of freedom.

I need wine.


Christy Lynn said...

Doncha love it when the kids do a self-guided tour of the neighborhood? Not three weeks after we got Vader, Lee went TDY and Vay got out--it took me over an hour to find that kid!! I was so freaking out and crying on the phone to Lee while I looked for him too, so I totally feel your pain!!

Cute card!! I meant to get to the Featured Stamper challenge today but then Jamie and I just talked and talked and talked and then it was nine o'clock. Maybe tomorrow after work...g'night lady!

scrappypug said...

love the card and that feeling is one of the worst ever! I have had dogs all my life and had more than a few close calls like that... glad it all turned out well.