Sunday, February 1, 2009

WHALE of a time!

I have some fun Whale Watching pictures to share today! Billy and I (see, that's us! And my crutch, lol! Can't get away from that thang!) went on a tour today to see the Humpback Whales! Every year between like January and March the Humpback Whales migrate down to the East China Sea right off the coast of Okinawa for mating season. So our services squadron provides tours! They load us all up in a bus and drive us down to the pier and then we hop on a boat and go whaling! Okay, we don't really go "whaling" cause I'm pretty sure that's illegal but we did get to see some whales! My good ole' buddy ole' pal Christy and her man Lee came too, it was fun hanging out with them:) I took about 70 pictures (and you'll thank me for not posting them all, they pretty much all look the same, lol!). The only sad part of the trip was Christy getting sea sick:( Poor girl got sick before we even got to see the first whale so she was holed up in the cabin of the boat trying to regain her composure. Liz, if your out there, I just couldn't take a picture of her throwing up:( I'm a stinker but dang I couldn't bring myself to shove my camera in her face as she was getting sick, lol! I would have if she looked like she was having fun, but I think I saw daggers in her eyes when I came around the corner, even though my camera wasn't pointing at her! BUT I did get this one, and it's as close as I could get! Poor Christy, I'm sorry you didn't have fun:(
Here's a cute picture of Christy and I, BEFORE her trip took a downhill slide...
Wanna see some pictures of the whales? I didn't get any super ones, but the whales weren't in a particularly playful mood, no jumping around and doing flips, durnit.
In this picture, you can see the back of the whale, and his blowhole! That's the easiest way I found to see the whales out in the ocean, just look for the blowspouts:)
Here's another picture of the whale. Not a particularly great shot, but it's hard to catch them at just the right moment.

This is a cool shot I got of the whale's tail as he was goin back under, sweet huh?
And here's another picture of my sweet man, for good measure:)
It was a fun trip, I only wish Christy could have enjoyed it more! Maybe next year, huh Christy?;)

Okay, if your still with me after all those pictures, I have a card to post as well, lol! I made this one for today's Featured Stamper challenge, BevR has one gorgeous gallery! THIS is the card I case'd and here's my card:

I love Bev's coloring and couldn't DREAM of CASE'ing that, lol! This sweet image and sentiment are both by Whiff of Joy.

Okay, I'm gonna get back to my movie (we're watching Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Thanks Christy;) My sweet hubby is trying to nurse me back to health, I started getting a cold yesterday and I'm feelin like crap tonite! Okay, ya'll have a terriffic day:)


Christy Lynn said...

Ummm yeah, I am *so* not going on another whale watching tour E V E R!!! I was wondering why on earth I ever thought that was a good idea, I mean I know I'm prone to motion sickness so what was I thinking?! Sorry I wasn't better company on the tour today...I promise to do better next weekend when we're stamping on dry land, lmbo!

Giffysk8s said...

Love the pix! And it's nice to see your sweetheart!