Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day late...

I was supposed to post this card yesterday and time got away from me! The Monday girls made cards for kids today! I just got this super cute stamp set, The Botz Family by Our Craft Lounge, and knew it would make a perfect kids bday card!
Isn't that robot adorable? There are three really cute ones but I love this one holding a teddy bear!
I used one of Julee's Verve Release Party sketches for the layout.
I colored the ribbon in with Copics and then doodled a little around the frame.
Check out what the other girls did with today's challenge:

Just in case you wonder where I am for the next few days, I'm on vacation! That's right, the hubby and I are off for the next three glorious weeks! We're off to visit my family in Hawaii, and then off to PA to visit his family and then back to Hawaii for awhile and then back home:) It's going to be SO FUN! The only hard part is that we're hopping, we don't have commercial plane tickets? What does this mean in laymen's terms? Well a hop is basically hitching a ride on a military plane (no, not a cool fighter jet, lol!) that's on some kind of mission and has a few seats to offer military personnel who want to travel a bit. The PRO is that it's absolutely FREE and you can go basically anywhere in the world you want to go, but the CON is that it's not really reliable as far as when you want to leave. It's kinda like a first come first served deal, but not quite. There are 4 categories, and depending on when you signed up, you could be first on the list or you could be 3,458th. We were 50 yesterday so hopefully we moved up the list today, lol!
We were supposed to catch a hop this morning *as in 3:30 in the morning* so we got a couple hours sleep, then woke up at midnight to get to the terminal and wait for our name to be called. Well on this particular plane, going straight to Hawaii, there were 12 available seats. We were scared cause there were about 30 people in there waiting to get on the plane. Well we lucked out and got seats! So we're going through security, getting boarding passes, checking in our bags when the aircrew announces that they only have enough weight allowance for SIX passengers instead of TWELVE so we got bumped off that flight. We went back home, got a couple more hours of sleep and then showed up to try and get on the the 0900 flight. Well we get to the terminal and find out that the flight is delayed cause something is wrong with the plane. So we'll try again tonite, wish us luck! I'm getting super tired of being turned away, lol! Pulling all my suitcases all over the place for nothing is NOT my idea of vacation! LOL!
I've created a few cards to share over the next few days, plus I'll be sharing pics of our vacation (Hawaii, can't wait!) Enjoy your day, see ya later!!!!!!!


Christy Lynn said...

Did you get on the plane yet?!? Hope we have better luck this weekend 'cause we got one shot to get to Seattle!

Deb said...

have a mai tai for me! enjoy yourself in paradise...


Crafty Math Chick said...

Good luck Amber - my hubby and I never hopped from Germany for that reason - too scared by the thought of our bosses killing us if we didn't make it back in time. I still remember the evilcomments from everyone waiting to hop when we were boarding to PCS back home - I thought they were going to throw things at us! And HOW did you manage to BOTH get THREE WEEKS off?!! I am SUPER jealous! My hubby loses his 'use or lose' every year, they just don't let him take leave very often.
Have a GREAT time!


Michelle said...

This whole *hop* thing sounds adventurous and risky...but very cool. Can't wait to hear about your adventures and see pictures. Hope you have safe travels and a wonderful time!