Friday, August 12, 2011

Something delightfully different is coming...

Can you guess what it is?   I'm thrilled to be a part of an exciting preview to be revealed TOMORROW, August 14th!
Some of our dearest TGF alum are back along with the Farmers and we have a surprise for you coming... so be sure to tune into the TGF BLOG today and leave your guess as to what that might be!   Are we too transparent?  ANY idea as to what this special, mid-month release could be?  Well, stay tuned and I'll see you back here tomorrow to see if you're still stumped or if you've seen RIGHT THROUGH to what we're about to reveal!

Clearly excited,

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gobeagirl said...

Hi Amber. I thought that I had already commented on your gorgeous ribbon and bow. Oh well just in case I missed yours I just have to say that some of the new is this wonderful looking ribbon with a few faries in the mix. lol...I can not wait to see. Hugs, Lisa G