Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things are getting ugly.

And if you want to know what I mean, you ***NEED*** to go to the TGF Blog! Make SURE you don't have water in your mouth and that you are sitting down, lmbo!!!
**We're having an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER inspired CARD CONTEST!!!**
Have you ever heard of something so fun? I think NOT! I am totally loving this contest and already have another idea brewing;)
When I heard we were going to do this, I googled "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" and HOLY POO there are some GROTESQUE sweaters out there, lol! I had a ton of fun browsing and laughing though and finally decided I hated this one!

Hideous, right? But I rather liked the color combo so I went with it!
Here's my card using the sweet new "I {heart} Sweaters" set!
I made this picture nice and big so you can see the ugly sewing, all the sparkle on her sweater, and that beglitzed and bejeweled Christmas tree! 
I actually think the sweater is kinda cute, but if that was a REAL sweater on anyone other than Anya, it'd be downright hideous with all that sparkle, lol! 
Okay, well I hope you join us in this contest because it is going to be a RIOT!!! This is your chance to go balls-to-the-wall ugly on your cards and STRUT YO' STUFF!
I can't wait to see the gallery FULL of ugliness;) 
Like I said, go to THE BLOG and read the contest post because it's hilarious! You'll also see a couple pics of Jess and Marie that will leave you scratching your heads thinking WTH were they thinking??? BWAHAHA!


the whimsical butterfly said...

YEAH, baby! This is such a cute card I can HARDLY call it ugly but your inspiration piece is TOTALLY tack-tastic! LOVE this contest, LOL! Seriously, your card is cute-little blinged out, but cute never the less! THANKYOU so much for such a speedy sample and going w/ Marie and my craziness. We LOVE that you did!

Tanya said...

Awww, this is so cute! Loving all the buttons on the tree. I saw a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters on ebay the other day too, so funny!

artfuldelight said...

WOW, beautiful card. I just love all the details on the tree. Fabulous!

Jamie N. said...

Hehe...that is an awesome card. I cant wait to see another tacky-licious card! Even though this was was super cute. But you do make a good point, on anyone else who wore that sweater, we'd be doing doubletakes.

One last thing - How did you make the tree???

Pauline said...

Your card is so cute :o) And I happen to like those ugly sweaters, lol!

Warmest regards

Kristine Reynolds said...

I love your card and is it bad that I kinda love that sweater too???

Anonymous said...

Very creative and so cute. Getting a card like this would brighten anyones day. Great JOB!!!

Deconstructing Jen said...

This is adorable Amber! I love the way you did the tree. That is so cool. :D And her sweater is fabulous. ;)

Judy said...

You should visit my ugly sweater blog - my 'model' wears a different ugly sweater in every post..... she's funny